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Modern science fiction is the only form of literature that consistently considers the nature of the changes that face us, the possible consequences, and the possible solutions.” The words of Isaac Asimov, both a scientist and a writer of science fiction. He may side stepped the fact that sometimes sci-fi can be pockmarked with loopholes and horribly inaccurate, but then again, so too can science. At least sci-fi can worm it’s way out of accusations, arguing that since it is fiction it is not bound by logic.

It’s main responsibility is speculation,the kind of wonderful speculation which really has no bounds because there is no research paper to be published,and no raw data to be assessed. It is the kind of free theorizing of possibilities which can actually inspire them to be investigated in reality. Sci-fi books and films have inspired awe and fascination in individuals with no background in science, sometimes to the point of learning more about the facts that spawned them.

Which is why sci-fi must be careful not to bite the hand that feeds it. Enrage the scientists with mis-representation of their chosen field, and you swim in dangerous waters. Being able to take scientific facts and use them to show the world just how far the rabbit hole goes, is a skill to be used wisely or not at all.

This site promotes science and sci-fi as a symbiotic organism of sorts, existing in equilibrium. Down with any sci-fi entity acting as a parasite, leaching all the energy and truth out of a scientific idea and then abandoning it once the money comes rolling in (along with the criticisms..unfortunately one has to pay to read the book/watch the film before one can adequately criticise it)!

Please feel free to express views on science, sci-fi, real life fascinating facts, or fantastic fiction. Or overuse of the words beginning with the letter f…


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  1. scifiwriter Says:

    I just started writing science fiction, here is my first short story:


    Please let me know what you think.

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