Top 5 Sci-Fi Films

1.BLADE RUNNER: This dystopian vision of the future is by far the most favoured when it comes to sci-fi films, but Ridley Scott is the king when it comes to sending the eerie chill into our bones. Darkened alleyways, perpetual rain, and oily Chinese takeaways – it almost sounds like a typical Friday night out in Ireland but it is, in fact, the setting for Scott’s film, in which the Blade Runner (Ford) must tackle a bunch of resilient (not to mention philosophical..”tears in the rain”? What a line!) replicants.

2.GATTACA: This has a special place in my heart because it’s the only film which adequately explores the whole arena of genetic screening/designer off-spring. It is a sad, quiet ode to the nature of humanity, the strengths and weaknesses we acquire at birth and those we harbour in our soul. There is the resilient hope of one man, Vincent, who has never expected anything (as he is deemed inferior by his genes). And then there is the consuming despair of Jerome, a man who has lost everything as a result of an unforseen accident. It sounds a bit true-drama esque, but believe me its really not all that clichéd.

3.THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Luc Besson’s film is garnished with crazy costumes and features a disgruntled but amusing Bruce Willis. It’s a future I’d happily live in. Things to enjoy are Gary Oldman’s transparent half-plastic cap and Leeloo’s excellent fight scene intercut with the Diva’s operatic performance.

4.ClOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND: After watching this, who hasn’t wished they could build such a monumental structure out of mere mashed potato? For me this is the film which really captures the unsettling thrill of discovering possible alien life. It’s the classic concept, full of memorable images, from the alien spacecraft to the shadowy hints of the aliens themselves. And who can forget that tune?

5.SUNSHINE: It received one hell of a mixed reaction but after watching it all I felt was an odd sense of awe at the craziness of the universe. We all know the sun is going to burn out some day, so I commend Danny Boyle for imaging how we’d solve the problem -with a giant bomb, that’s how! The film may steal aplenty from 2001: A Space Odyssey and numerous other sci-fi films, but it puts it all together nicely. Sometimes it’s good to fly so close to the sun (of copycatting) and not get completely burned.

So there’s my top 5. Many omissions but no concessions. Any additions you’d make?


6 Responses to “Top 5 Sci-Fi Films”

  1. Can I count Alien as a sci fi movie for your list? Alien and Aliens are great. Also The Thing is quite good if not my favourite. I still need to see some of the above so I can’t comment properly.

  2. redshiftblue Says:

    Oh yeah Alien….yeah that is a brilliant film I was going to put that in instead of Sunshine (I probably would have if I’d watched it more recently, I guess I felt more um “touched” or something by Sunshine). Just to address another fairly obvious omission,I left out 2001:A Space Odyssey because, although I know its a good film, I just find it hard to watch and not entirely enjoyable really. The Thing is good..quite disgusting in parts,but it’s fun- it’s like a who-done-it, but combined with the horrific. I best mention I also was close to putting in The Fly, and The Matrix. In fact maybe stick The Matrix in there at no. 6. Part 1 of the trilogy was really spectacular in its own right.

  3. mm like what about Dark City?

  4. redshiftblue Says:

    Ah Dark City another favorite of mine, which shocklingly I’d forgotten about!

  5. Great choices (though I haven’t seen Sunshine and so can’t speak to that). Alien would probably have rounded out my own Top 5, and I have to disagree on Dark City — I found that movie to be mediocre at best.

    Btw – what happened to the Blade Runner pic?

  6. redshiftblue Says:

    Yeah Alien is another great def. Dark City..Mediocre..hmm..well my favorite thing about Dark City is just the odd atmosphere it has. I think it might depend on when/how you see it. I remember when I saw it first I didn’t know what it was gonna be about, I was about 13 and I found it really eerie and disorientating. I think the feeling just stuck with me.

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